Queries in Flowable Engine Recovery and Bi-directional data replication

Hi Team,

A newbie assessing flowable tool.
I see that Flowable Work supports containerization. Few queries around that.

How does the recovery handled if a pod running with Workflow Engine goes down?
Is it possible to sync the data from the DB used by Flowable with another DB (Bi-directional replication)?


The Flowable engine is stateless with all state maintained in the shared database.
If a node goes down or is terminated by the container manager no state is lost and any new engine starting up will pick up where the old one left off.
No recovery is required.

How about multi-region active-active process engine?
Does Flowable provide the capability where I have setup the process engine in 2 separate regions such that all users can use both. So if a region fails the users can still switch to the other and seamlessly use their application.

The devil is always in the detail but there is noting to stop this.