Provide input parameters to UserTask

I’d like to provide input parameters to a UserTask. I want to use those parameters to build a custom UI in a mobile App.
I’ve seen I could use the Form Properties for this, but I’ve seen they are deprecated in favour of forms, and I think creating a different form for each UserTask I have is not the best solution.
On the other hand, for multi-instance user tasks, I’ve seen that it is solved with collections + elementVariable and I wonder if something similar could be applicable to single User Tasks.
Thank you

Hi jjmr,

A solution we’ve used is to wrap the user task in a simple process, add the desired input parameters to the process instance variables. With the REST API you can read/query those variables.

The main reason to wrap the task in a process is to have full control over which variable can be read.

I see, but it seems cumbersome if you have tens of User Tasks, isn’t it?
Isn’t there any other mechanism to provide input data to a User Task?

Not sure if I follow…

We have around 15 different user tasks, but they all call the same process (with the task). The user task in that process is set up dynamically. I.e. for the name we use our own variable taskType: ${taskType}.

In understand, my point is that having to wrap every user task inside a subprocess is somehow artificial for me.

What I’d like to see is a unified way to define input parameters to the User Task, no matter if it’s single or multi-instance.

If I’m not wrong something similar can be done in Camunda and I’d like to see it also available in Flowable.