Properties translation not working after refresh

I have a local “stencilset_bpmn.json” file to display only the needed properties in the properties panel.
I’ve removed one such property package messagedefinitionspackage from the stencil with id BPMNDiagram. After removing this property, I’m seeing some values are not getting translated upon refresh.
For example: Below is the screenshot of properties panel of user task on refresh

I checked the console, didn’t see any unusual error logs there.
‘PROPERTY.TASKLISTENERS.VALUE’ was only used in ‘task-listeners-display-template.html’. Not sure why and how this property is related to other values translation.

Is there any place where I can information about this property on what it is there for?
I didn’t find the information about “message definitions” in docs. Let me know if any information is needed from my end.


You probably have an error in the file which results in invalid JSON.
Can you verify this?


I do not see any error in “stencilset_bpmn.json”. I just removed the “messagedefinitionspackage” from propertypackages array.
Also, the translation works if I open any property like assignments after refresh and get back to editor view.

Sorry; I misread. I thought you were changing the translations. An invalid translation file can cause issues like you describe.

But; I did the same; removed the messagedefinitionspackage from the BPMNDiagram stencil.
This works as expected. The property disappears in the property pane.

So the issue is most likely caused by something else.


Yes the property disappears from property pane, but I refresh the editor page, other properties like assignments, task listeners don’t get translated initially.

However, they get translated if you click on any one of them, open the corresponding pop-up and go back again.

Okay, so when I started working on the current project, it always gave 404 for file “en-US.json” in /static/i18n. After placing the mentioned file in this location, the refresh issue stopped.