Process KPI reporting/dashboard

I tried the ‘getting started’ in Flowable and so far it’s looking enjoyable. I’d like to know what’s the recommended approach to getting analytics and reporting on business process KPI for Flowable. Does Flowable have something like the Dashboard builder in jBPM or is this a functionality that’s expected to be picked up by another system?

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No answers for this question ?
I’m wondering the same thing…

Currently, you’ll need to build this yourself. Using the async history and pushing the data to something like ElasticSearch is a common solution. There’s example code for that used in the machine learning demo:

We might provide something in the future, but it’s also something we anticipate we (Flowable) and others may provide as add-ons.


Combining Flowable with ML & ELK can be awesome but seems to be an over-kill for the question at hand.

IMO, a simple UI can be developed using Angular and Flowable’s REST services.

What do you think ?