Process endTime is not set

Although I am able to see that the process execution is reached to the endPoint in Modeler app, process endTime is still null. What may be the possible reasons of this behaviour?

Hey @jit,

How can you see this in the Modeler app? The Modeler app has no information about the runtime. Can you please share what you are seeing in the Admin app about this process?



I use engine 6.5.0 and have the same your issue. Are you resolved it?

@filiphr I mean the Show Diagram part of the modeler. I can see that the endpoint is in blue color but when I check db endTime is still null for that process instance.

@tannth no luck. I can’t prove but I can certainly say there is a bug there :slight_smile: This bug may also be living in modeler rather than task engine. I changed the order of execution of nodes which I can and this solved the issue. I didnt had time to find the root cause.