How to set the endTime of a Process instance that has completed


I have processes that are being completed. The endTime variable for the history call to engine/process-api/history/historic-process-instances/ is not being set. How does the process know it has ended and how can we get this variable to be set?


Are you certain your process is over? This sample project contains a process with two service tasks (with delegates that happen to be implemented as lamdas). Each service task writes to system out and exits. If you execute it using mvn spring-boot:run and then hit http://localhost:8080/process-api/history/historic-process-instances you’ll see the process does have an endTime. Note that currently running processes are also available through the history service.


So I am certain that the endEvent has been reached which is the last part of the flow. I am uncertain if other manual steps are still being read by the engine for the process instance. But I am definitely reaching the endEvent or the flow is finishing.

This is what my endEvent is defined as.

<endEvent id="success_end_event" name="Success">

Is there anyway for me to change this so it will stop everything related to the process once this event has been reached so I am 100 percent sure this has completed.

It appears that you are already using a terminate end event, which should any tasks that are in progress. Does the historic process instance have an "endActivityId "? Can you share a project that is experiencing this behavior or the full bpmn? Have you tried pointing flowable-admin at it and looking at the process instance?