Process completed field is false when process ended

Hi flowable community! First of all, im using Spring Boot 2.4.2. My question is after my process ended, when i check the active processes, my process id still there and completed field is false.


This is my bpmn20.xml file looks like.

<startEvent id="startEvent"/>
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="startEvent" targetRef="approveTask"/>

<userTask id="approveTask" name="Onaycı"/>
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="approveTask" targetRef="decision"/>

<exclusiveGateway id="decision"/>
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="decision" targetRef="externalSystemCall">
    <conditionExpression xsi:type="tFormalExpression">
<sequenceFlow  sourceRef="decision" targetRef="sendRejectionMail">
    <conditionExpression xsi:type="tFormalExpression">

<serviceTask id="externalSystemCall" name="Enter holidays in external system"
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="externalSystemCall" targetRef="holidayApprovedTask"/>

<userTask id="holidayApprovedTask" name="Holiday approved"/>
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="holidayApprovedTask" targetRef="approveEnd"/>

<serviceTask id="sendRejectionMail" name="Send out rejection email"
<sequenceFlow sourceRef="sendRejectionMail" targetRef="rejectEnd"/>

<endEvent id="approveEnd"/>

<endEvent id="rejectEnd"/>

After the decision part, the services works perfectly fine. After the services “i guess” process ends. Doesnt it? Do i have to set this field manually? What should i do here?


Can you share how you are starting the process? Which API’s? And which API do you use to retrieve the result above? The fact startTime is null is strange - are you using the process instance id?