Process activation in the future

Dear all,
how is it possible to make a process starting at date X (in the future) using rest API?
I would like to start a new process, but people should be able to claim tasks only after the starting date.

For instance, today 25 July, I decide to start a new process on 26 July at 04:00PM.
Then, on 30 July, I would to start another instance of the same definition on 02 August at 03:00PM, without any change on process model.

Any suggestion?



If it is about claiming tasks, why don’t you put a timer after the start of your process? The timer can use an expression with a variable that you would send to the process when starting it.

For example when you start a process you can pass in a startingDate and in the timer you would use the startingDate. Technically the process will be started. However, there won’t be any tasks created as it would stop until the timer fires.