Problem with repetitive stages

I want to have a loop that a registered user can request a support service whenever she/he needs. The CMMN diagram is something like this:

The problem is that the next “support human task” is activated before the stage is completed and whenever I change my option (which is stored in “issue” variable that can be changed in “support human task”) both tasks are activated regardless of sentry conditions. It seems that we have an asynchronous behavior that I do not know how to control it.

How I can design the process so that the next times that stage is repeated it behave like the first time?

How does the if-condition on the sentry look like?

The Support task will be repeated every time it is completed (that’s by the cmmn spec: a plan item without an entry sentry will be repeated on completion). So you’d need to guard that task with an entry too. One option is to use a milestone + milestone variable to know that you’ve gone through the first iteration of the stage.

There is nothing async going on here (unless you’ve marked the user tasks as asynchornous).