Problem facing with Async Job Executor


I am using Flwoable 6.2.1. I have the following design:

Task “OM Interface” is exclusive.
First parallel gateway is exclusive.
Task “Billing Decomposer” and “Prov Decomposer” are async.
Task “Billing Update Simulation” and “Prov Update Simulation” are exclusive
Joining parallel gateway is async and exclusive
Task “Decide” is exclusive
I am starting the process from simple command line java main. core thread pool size is set to 10. Parallel threads are working with Async Executor…

  1. My problem is that “Billing Decomposer” (mainly)/ “Prov Decomposer” delegate methods being called twice. The joining takes some time, say 15-20 secs.
    All tasks are doing some process variable update and just sysout, no wait inside.

  2. The program doesn’t end even if the last task decides. If I use AsyncJobExecutor.shutdown, then it ends without executing the “Decide” task.

Looking for your help. Not much idea about Flowable. Sorry for this long post.