Pass the execution to a ServiceTask (CMMN)


The documentation states you can inject the execution as parameter of a ServiceTask: BPMN 2.0 Constructs · Flowable Open Source Documentation

<serviceTask id="javaService"
         name="My Java Service Task"
         flowable:expression="#{printer.printMessage(execution, myVar)}" />

It works well for BPMN but when it comes to CMMN, it throws an exception:

Cannot resolve identifier ‘execution’

Any idea how to inject the execution in CMMN?

Note: I prefer to use method on bean rather than implementing JavaDelegate because you can pass argument without using an intermediary variable

Thank you

CMMN does not have an execution. However, you can inject planItemInstance or caseInstance into it.

That’s possible, e.g. use DelegatePlanItemInstance as parameter.

It works :wink:

Thank you for your answer.