Number of columns and Tabs feature

Are you planning to insert number of columns in the form? What about the Tabs feature?

May be. Remember this is an open source project - if you’d like to implement such a feature, that would be great :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’m not a developer.
But I and another colleague are engaged in learning and being able to contribute to the project.
In our work people were delighted with the power of this tool.
I asked to see if anyone was already working on it.
Are there any tips / guidance on how to start contributing to the project?
Is the main development team willing to travel to another country and hold a talk or mini course on the development platform?


We are very flexible, and we welcome every contribution. We are working hard on updated documentation for Flowable 6 and you can have a look at the current state here:

Please send me a private message to discuss collaboration options etc.

Best regards,