How do I start to contributte to the project?

Hi @tijs , recently I started to change some small modifications on the UI APP.
Now I want to contribute to the project, I want to learn more about the flowable engine and the UI app, so the best way to achieve this is to contribute to the project.

I have a couple of hours a day that I can use to fix bugs or develop a new feature.

How can we start?

Do you have any task that can be assigned to me?

I think I could do small task with your guidance, and in some time, I can do more complex task.

I can help onm translation to spanish, that is my native language.

Thank you, best regards.

A first step is to look at the Getting involved with Flowable wiki page.


You can also have a look at the list of issues on Github.
A possible issue to work on (as an example) is:

Would be good to add a comment to the issue to let people know you are working on it.
If you have questions/remarks, this forum is the best place.

Best regards,


Hi there, I have submitted a pull request, for 2 new features, I have mentioned that im working on it at the github.

Restrict acces to app isnt finalized, I need your help, I hope you can see my code and tellme what need to be done.

Im from Mexico, where are you from? for maybe chat about flowable one day



Thanks for the PR, Yvo made a few comments, maybe you can have a look at it.
The core devs are mainly based in the Amsterdam timezone. Let me know if you want to have a chat.

Best regards,