New Open source bundle, not generating complete files?

Hello gurus,

I am sure I am doing something stupid here.
Downloaded Flowable open source, installed JDK, Maven and Tomcat.
Copied the 2 wars from Flowable open source into Tomcat, and fired up the Tomcat server using “startup.bat”.

The wars were recognized and expanded. But, there are only 3 directories inside them -

It seems the wars were not inflated properly. What could be a possible issue ?

I am doing this on Windows 7 based machine.
Latest versions of JDK, Maven and Apache Tomcat being used.
Flowable open source version 6.6.0 being used.

Any ideas ?
I have been struggling with this since quite some time, and would deeply appreciate some help getting the Flowable open source up and running.

Best Regards

You mention the “latest Tomcat”; if that is version 10 then it is related to this issue.

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Thanks a lot for sharing this [dbmalkovsky]

Yes, this was the issue.
Downgrading solved the problem.

Many thanks !