Need help with user accounts

Hi, so I’m still learning flowable.

Some background info first; I’m trying to create a “survey” task.
The initiator will fill out a form with a bunch of email fields. Then I need to take these emails and I would like to email them a link to a flowable form they need to fill out.

My question is, does everyone need a account to be able to access the form? Is it possible to create a temp account just for the user to fill out the form?

They would need an account if you want to make sure that person fills in the form associated with the email. Otherwise it’s an unauthenticated form, which anyone could guess the URL for. Both are possible with Flowable (up to how you configure your security) and both would work.

Would you be able to show me how to setup a unauthenticated form and once the users submits the form would I be able to tie it back to the email of the user?