Multitenancy with Flowable 6.6.0 with keyclock intgeration


I have recently upgraded to flowable 6.6.0 with keycloak integration. I am wondering if it is supports tenantId with keycloak integration?

I could not find any example for this one.

Please help.

not sure what you mean by upgrading to 6.6.0 with keycloak integration. AFAIK, flowable does not offer keycloak integration out of box, but you should implement your own identity service
here are some useful links about it

while implementing the id-service, you can (and should) map keycloak realm to flowable tenant id, in order to have multitentancy in flowable


Perhaps this helps?

This describes how to setup Flowable (6.6.0) UI apps with Keycloak.



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With new version flowable is supporting oauth2.

Thanks @yvo.

I am following the same link and able to integrate with keycloak successfully.

But flowable idm do support tenant. I do not see that option with keycloak.

Hey @prashant,

The Keycloak IDM implementation is an example implementation part of the UI Application and currently it doesn’t not support querying by tenant id. It is located here.

As we have said in the blog

These apps are also not officially supported and we rely on community contributions as much as possible here.

Therefore, if you think that there is something missing we are more than happy to accept contributions.


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