Missing process instances in flowable db

The process instances started through flowable engine from our spring boot apis are missing in flowable_db.

We have the process instance id stored in our db and when we checked the act_ru_actinst table, we couldnt find the process details. We checked history tables as well, we couldnt find any trace of the process.

In logs we couldnt find any errors related to database or transaction. With debug log enabled, we could see the insert queries are flushed successfully to flowable_db as expected but not sure why there are not available in the table.


I’ve seen this happen before if my process model has a step in it, maybe a service task that runs some java code, which throws an error orior to the process hitting a “steady” state. When that error is thrown it bubbles up to Flowable and since you haven’t hit a steady state it rolls back and the process instance is not persisted. You can confirm if this is the case by configuring one of the activities/tasks prior to the suspect activity as “async”. Once Flowable hits the Async activity it will force it to persist to the DB. At that point if your activity throws an error it will only roll back to the async activity and the process instance should be in the DB. Obviously won’t fix the issue but may help you debug

Thanks for the response.

In our case, the process has started and reached activity C successfully and all the required tables are updated as expected. Then when we trigger a request to move it from C to D, this seems to be happening.

Per logs, the process engine in our spring boot api is able to get the process using its id, get the latest activity, complete it and proceed to activity D. I couldnt see any errors there. But when i trigger my next request, which is to complete activity D which eventually completes the process itself, its unable to find the process in flowable db.