Max Active User Limit (Concurrent License)

I am trying to use the Open Source Flowable and extend it by adding a concurrent license to it. Anyone has seen a similar project implementation? or have any referneces?

FYI, I did manage to get the logic working for another Django project using Middleware, Flowable looks massive project.

What is Concurrent License:
Approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for: Flowable is an open-source library and doesn’t require licensing. So I assume you want to add a licensing check in some way? If so, that would need to be added in custom code you add on top of the API’s of Flowable that you’re calling.

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Sorry for the confusing mixup of “License”.

Its no ways related to the Open Source license, was trying to do a code change to some how count the number of concurrent users and put in a limit to it.

If you are using the flowable engines or flowable via the REST API, as far as I know, there is no way to track the active users. The best way would be for you to have an application than embeds flowable and do you user counting code in the application outside of flowable.
YOur application would only call the flowable APIs when needed and your application would keep metrics of what user initiated the calls so that those users can be counted as active.