Managing shared engine shared schema approach

Hi Team,

We are currently trying to create shared engine shared schema structure for our project. Currently the issue that we are facing is that if, for example, we have 3 applications running- all of them using the same schema & engine- we are facing issues because the flowable is trying to find the delegate bean of one application in another application and moving the instance to deadletter jobs due to the error: “Unknown property used in expression ${delegateName1}”. Please suggest some solution for this.


Hi Ankita,

The problem is that job executor must fetch only jobs, which are appropriate for the execution on the given engine. (whole codebase is present…)
You have to implement your own job executor, which can differentiate between codebases or use one for all,… .


Hi @martin.grofcik ,

Thanks for replying. Do we have any documentation/github examples already available for this?


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