Liquibase start order

Hello everyone,

We have been using flowable for a couple of months in our team.
We use the flowable-ui-app and all required modules.
I want to add some liquibase script to create some custom users, groups, members etc…

Where do I put that?
Also, I want to add some custom tables. How can I configure the app to run my custom liquibase scripts AFTER the core (activiti/flowable) liquibase scripts?
I’m using postgres in case you think this is helpful.

Hey @zisisp,

The Flowable UI applications are normal Spring Boot applications. You can register your own mechanism for Liquibase using Spring Boot and making sure that it is run in a smart lifecycle after the phase of the Flowable engines.

We do not provide any out-of-the-box way to run custom liquibase scripts.