How to disable liquibase

i use springboot 1.5.13 and flowable6.3.1 ,i have try liquibase.enabled=false or spring.liquibase.enabled=false in but the liquibase is still work,how can i fix it?

What do you mean to disable liquibase? What exactly do you want to disable?

If you use the Flowable Spring Boot starter the Spring Boot default Liquibase auto configuration is disabled.


if disabling liquibase you mean disabling running db migration then following are the options:

  1. If you are using spring boot app then add these property in flowable.cfg.xml:
    property name=“databaseSchemaUpdate” value=“none”
  2. If you are using docker then set following environment variable:
    flowable.databaseSchemaUpdate=none (or FLOWABLE_DATABASE_SCHEMA_UPDATE=none )
    Values could be true/fasle/drop-create. Refer section 3.3


It won’t work with Spring Boot. flowable.cfg.xml is not applicable if you’re building process engine with Spring style.
It’ll work if you use Standalone configuration ( check StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration class - there is databaseSchemaUpdate property).

If you’re using Spring Boot you should pass flowable.databaseSchemaUpdate (same as in point 2).

BTW. there is a similar topic here - Disable Auto creation of DB Tables - #6 by swapnilbarwat

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