Link to assigned task

Is there possibility in Flowable workflow to get somehow (hyper)link to task started by workflow.
Idea is this: Workflow is started and assigns workflow to somebody. Then workflow gets link and adds it to email notification text (or html). Assignee opens email and clicks on link. Flowable task application opens on assigned task.
How to achieve this?
Nowadays I can add to email only link to Flowable task application and assignee has to find concrete task in list by description.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @edonick
Have you ever been able to sort this out? Would love to have this working as well…

Yes but I cannot give you whole information. I participated only on bpm part.
It contains changes on Flowable.
Process then provide url http://flowableserver/bpm-task/workflow/#/apps/processKey/nexttask/"+execution.getProcessInstanceId()
It should take implementation public List getTasksByProcessInstanceId(String processInstanceId) in

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tnx, this got me to the right track!

Hello, I could not understand very well what needs to be done to accomplish this, could anyone explain?