LIKE or LIKE_IGNORE_CASE doesnot work for tasks/process filter

LIKE or LIKE_IGNORE_CASE doesnot work for tasks or process query. It returns the results as EQUALS .
For eg.
If we have tasks / process with process variable var_1 = “abcd”
We need to search for those tasks/ process which have var_1 starts with “ab”
Was calling /query/tasks API with
name : “var_1”
value : “ab”
operation : “LIKE”

but didnot get desired output.

if we pass
name : “var_1”
value : “abcd”
operation : “LIKE”

We get the result.
Ideally, passing “ab” with “LIKE” operation , should have fetched us the desired results.

The like operation uses the SQL like operator behind the scenes. As a result it’s expecting SQL like wildcards.

Try value ab% or %bc% instead.


It works for process.
But it doesnot work for task query.
For Task it returns
“message”: “Bad request”,
“exception”: “Unsupported variable query operation: LIKE_IGNORE_CASE”

It appears that the task query is looking for “friendly operation names” like ‘equalsIgnoreCase’ and ‘likeIgnoreCase’ but that likeIgnoreCase is not currently supported.

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Is there any specific reason for it to be not supported. Like heavy operation on engine or not very efficient to search tasks using such a filter. It looks like a very obvious requirement to have support for such a filter. Please help.

Opened and created PR

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As a followup, this has been corrected in the current Master Branch and will become part of the next Flowable release.

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