Junit for Data Object and Service Model for Rest API Get method

Hello Everyone
I need you help .
I am building a Dynamic DMN with Data Object and Service Model (Rest API, Get Method).
Data Object - with 4 attributes like id, name, address
Service Model - Res API - Get method , calling another application with help of Rest Template to get list of Json Object, as response getting List and then build dynamic dmn

But now , I have to write Junit for this.
I don’t have anything as I am new for Flowable,
how to write Junit for this scenario ?
I am stuck at this point to build CI/CD because Junit is not working …
Could you please help and guide to me, how to start Junit for data object and service model ?


Data Objects / Service models are Flowable enterprise, please ask the question in the enterprise forum: https://forum.flowable.com/ (this is the open source community forum).