JavaDelegate interface


I am using service task with spring.

This is my delegate expression: #{objectLocationListener.methodX(execution)}

My delegate class is simple spring component as:

public class ObjectLocationListener{

public void methodX( DelegateExecution execution ){
Object o = delegate.getVariables();

This methodX is executed, but after that I get:

Caused by: org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableIllegalArgumentException: Delegate expression #{objectLocationListener.methodX(execution)} did neither resolve to an implementation of interface org.flowable.engine.impl.delegate.ActivityBehavior nor interface org.flowable.engine.delegate.JavaDelegate

Am i missing something here?

Just for clarification: I know for JavaDelegate interface when calling class, but I want to call Java method in my spring bean…

Best regards


Hi Uros,

an example with service task and delegate expression can be found

To find out more about your case could you add a link to jUnit test or bpmn file?



I was using delegate expression instead of expression. Thanks Martin.

It works as expected now.