Java Notify + Flowable Signal Receive

My requirement is i want to kick start my BPM workflow once a new row gets inserted in DB with row details to be passed to workflow.

current plan: i have created a db trigger which notify ‘newrowadded’ message to a simple java program listening to db. From here i am kind of blocked, i want to notify flowable engine from java with row details. Any inputs here highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

I tried to kick start my workflow from java by passing bpm20.xml file - this is working fine, but i couldn’t see the user tasks in UI(http://localhost:9999/flowable-task/).


The simple java program you have would need to call a runtimeService.startProcessInstanceXYZ method when the row gets inserted. If the process definition has tasks, they will show up in the task list (if you’ve configured the task to be assigned to the user (or groups its part of) you’re logging in with).