Issue Swagger Processinstance Post/Put Variable List

There is an Issue in the swagger File Post/PUT Process Variable.

  - "Process Instance Variables"
  summary: "Update a multiple/single (non)binary variable on a process instance"
  description: "This endpoint can be used in 2 ways: By passing a JSON Body (RestVariable\
    \ or an array of RestVariable) or by passing a multipart/form-data Object.\n\
    Nonexistent variables are created on the process-instance and existing ones\
    \ are overridden without any error.\nAny number of variables can be passed\
    \ into the request body array.\nNote that scope is ignored, only local variables\
    \ can be set in a process instance.\nNB: The multipart/form-data approach is not documented for this endpoint due to design restriction."
  operationId: "createOrUpdateProcessVariable"
  - "application/json"
  - "application/json"
  - name: "processInstanceId"
    in: "path"
    required: true
    type: "string"
  - in: "body"
    name: "body"
    description: "Create a variable on a process instance"
    required: false
    schema: <!-- Here you need a Array not a single Object -->
      type: "array"
        $ref: "#/definitions/RestVariable"

is the correct way because on the Serverside you check for a List of RestVariable

It seems like the comment seems to hint at that:

swagger v2 specification doesn’t support this use case that is why this endpoint might be buggy/incomplete if used with other tools.

Note that the Swagger docs are automatically generated based on the annotations on the java classes. Afaik, there isn’t a way to configure the annotations in such a way that it generates the correct yaml for this case.