Example request is not shown in swagger for process variables, task variables creation and updation

Example request is not shown in swagger for creating and updating process variables or task variables using the API’s:

  1. POST runtime/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/variables
  2. PUT runtime/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/variables
  3. POST runtime/tasks/{taskId}/variables
  4. PUT runtime/tasks/{taskId}/variables/{variableName}
    Except for these 4 API’s there are example requests for other POST and PUT request, I see in code examples are added in ApiImplicitParam annotation but still it is not showing in swagger.
    The code snippet is as follows:
    @ApiImplicitParam(name = “body”, type = “org.flowable.rest.service.api.engine.variable.RestVariable”, value = “Create a variable on a process instance”, paramType = “body”, example = “{\n” +
    " “name”:“intProcVar”\n" +
    " “type”:“integer”\n" +
    " “value”:123,\n" +
    " }")
    Can anyone mention what is the issue?

Thanks and regards,