Is there a designer that supports flowable7 now?

Is there a designer that supports flowable7 now?

Hey @liliang,

Yes you can use our Flowable Design Cloud for this. You can create an account via


When will the Flowable7 process designer be available? I have been waiting for a long time


Please use the search to find that this topic has been discussed many times.
TLDR; the modeling tool and the ui apps have been removed in release 7. For modeling you can you Flowable Design in the cloud for free. As Filip has already mentioned.



Previously, your team’s R&D members mentioned that they wanted to produce a designer compatible with Flowable7, which is why I have been asking this question. I don’t know when it will be released

@liliang the Designer that we have for Flowable7 is the Design Cloud I have mentioned. Which comments are you referring to?