Is there a chance to have Flowable working with Spring Boot 2 / Spring Security 5?


I’ve tried to run Flowable 6.2.1 (flowable-spring-boot-starter-basic) with Spring Boot 2.0 Milestone 7, but Spring Boot 2.0 M7 relies on Spring Security 5.0.0 which seems not compatible with Flowable for now (I’m working with Spring LDAP and JWT token).

I get an exception : “ class path resource [org/springframework/security/config/annotation/authentication/configurers/GlobalAuthenticationConfigurerAdapter.class] cannot be opened because it does not exist”.

Anyway, the project works well with Spring Boot 1.5.9 / flowable-spring-boot-starter-basic 6.2.1

Do you know if there is any chance to have a new version of Flowable working with Spring Boot 2?


We are working on Spring Boot 2.0 support, so there will be a new Flowable version with Spring Boot 2.0 support. Can’t promise a timeline yet, but it is in development.

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Thanks for your feedback, so I’ll wait for the next releases.



We are working on adding starters and auto configuration for all of the Flowable engines and then we are going to add support Spring Boot 2.0. You can star and watch the flowable-engine to follow the progress.

Support for the Form Engine has already been done see PR #831 has already. The next are in progress and should be there really soon :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to get this working!

@florian Flowable 6.3.0 with the Spring Boot 2.0 starters is out. You can give it a go :slight_smile:. Let us know if something is not working :slight_smile: