Is Flowable 7.0.0M1 a "stable" version?


I’m just opening this topic to ask the community about a misunderstanding from me about this new version 7.0.0M1 on SpringBoot 3.
Can someone tell me what does the “pre-release” tag really mean ?
Can I be sure that it is a stable / usable version, or it maybe just mean that we can’t know yet if there is impacts about being in SpringBoot 3 for today ?



Version 7.0.0.M1 is a milestone release which is provided to be able to test Flowable with the new Spring Boot 3 version. We will release the next milestone actually today with a lot of updates. We expect to release the first 7.0.0 stable version in September 2023.

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hi, may I know the detail schedule for 7.0 stable version, thanks

Hi @The-Mountain,

7.0.0 is released, see also Flowable 7.0.0 release


Thank you and it is very good product