Invitation to FlowFest 2023

Hi all,

We are excited to invite you to FlowFest 2023.

FlowFest is a yearly virtual event, where we host talks, live product demos, and more - all about Flowable and Intelligent Business Process Automation.

FlowFest is not only the perfect chance to network with other Flowable and automation enthusiasts,
but an opportunity to hear from and talk to those using Flowable in real-world scenarios across different industries, such as healthcare, banking, manufacturing and more.

This year, FlowFest will happen on November 8th. It will be a one-day virtual event with three different streams (tech, innovation, and business) and over 20 speakers.

You can register for the event on our event website that you can find on .

Looking forward to seeing you at FlowFest!

Best regards,

The Flowable team