Integration with Angular2


I would like to integrate Flowable-UI-Modeler in an Angular2 + Typescript application.

So may i get some references for this, steps for integrating it into Angular2 ?

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The Flowable Modeler is an Angular JS 1.x application, so integration it into an Angular 2 app would just work like any other Angular 1.x component integrated in an Angular 2 app.

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Tijs, thanks for your reply.

Everything is fine, I am working on migration from Angular JS into Angular 2.
I am struggling to the drag and drop functionalities in editor page. In, Angular JS they are using oryx-editor-code to display canvas and drag&drop functions.
Can you help me, how to integrate ORYX-editor-code into Angular 2. Because, ORYX-Editor-Code is in javascript(JS).
Angular2 is typescript(TS).
I am struggling these oryx and angular2 integration in one week. Can you help me to overcome these issue.

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Hi @Sudhakar4712,

Were you able to successfully convert to angular 2?

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No. I am struggling on positioning and drag&drop.

Hi Sudhakar, even i am trying to integrate flowable modeler using angular2. Were you able to find any reference for angular integration of flowable modeler.

Hi Madhu, I have tried but i am struggling more in the integration. Also, there is no support for angular2 from flowable. I have stopped the integration after tried.
If you are able to achieve let me know, I am looking someone to help me in this integration.