Integrating with an application

How do we integrate the authentication model created using flowable with an existing web application.

Most enterprises store information about users in a directory server.

Flowable’s Web Apps can be configured (via LDAP) to obtain information about users from a directory server.

See: How To: Flowable and LDAP

Thanks Robinyo for quick response. I am trying to design a model using the modeler which have these steps in below order

  1. Login Form (collects credentials)
  2. Authenticate with user store
  3. Generate OTP and send email
  4. Ask for enter OTP
  5. Validate OTP
  6. On success redirect to the landing page

I have a web applications (Developed in java, or .Net or AngularJS). Now wanted to replace the login in the application with the one designed using modeler, so would like to know if its possible. If yes, please provide guidance on how to do it.