Integrate external Forms web application

I’m looking for having better UI when user input.

Can Flowable access user input from external?
For example, can I extend / modify any Java classes for get / set user input data which is stored from another database (or through api)?

If your web application uses Flowable’s REST API then you can use an external Forms Engine, for example:


Thanks for your reply.

I’ve read quickly. It seems the solution is using 3rd party form UI, for submit user input and store in Flowable through REST API.

I’m looking for using 3rd party form UI, and also stored form data in 3rd party form application.

Why would you store User Task data (captured via a form) outside Flowable?

We have form UI builder, data-table UI, bpmn modeler (generate bpmn 2.0 xml)
All above can persistent to database already.

We expect using data-table UI for showing result on query status, outstanding of task / process, form data, also join with part of data in current application.
In addition, the form data can be accessed (or modify) outside the process. If using REST API to integrate, then we have to special handle on update form data, which not just modified from form UI.

Do we need to modify source code of Flowable for having this kind of extension?
If yes, would you give brief instruction?

If you don’t want to use Flowable’s REST API then take a look at this post.