How to test ldap identity service in flowable spring boot

Hello All.
I create a spring boot rest API flowable app engine.
After that. I want to use LDAP for identity service.
And I use it in microservice and without IDM service.

I want to log users (which login from the other services) to assign users when the completed task.
But. I don’t know in the header request, which do we have to include parameters?

I don’t know exactly about default authentication in the flowable engine.
Maybe as follow:
X-USER-ID: kermit
X-TENANT-ID: muppets
X-GROUP: Accounting

If you use the Flowable REST api’s, there’s no need to use LDAP. You pass in the technical credentials to do the calls, but that’s not related to LDAP. You can assign the tasks to user ids, Flowable does not check with the LDAP system if these users exist.

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