How to test a process in web modeler

I am a newbie in Flowable so sorry for the stupid question. I’m trying to perform a simple GET request using the flowable web modeler. I’ve created a new simple process that has a Start Event, an Http Task with Request Method = GET and the Request URL is . I would like to run this flow and see the result.
How can this be done? I couldn’t find any doc or tutorial about this. Only thing I found was this, but I can’t understand how to do it, since all I have for now is:


Is there some guide to follow?


You problem is little bit different from the link Flowable process testing for modelers.
Use applications to
model - flowable-modeler, run - flowable-task.
In your case you have to create app, include process into app and deploy it.
After that you can run the process instance from flowable-task app.

The link you have posted is about testing process models (something like jUnit tests for processes).
What you want to do is just run process instance and check whether it works, am I right?


Hi Martin,
thank you so much for your answer.
Yes, I’d like to run process and see if it’s working correctly.
I was trying to find a way of doing it without passing through code.
Right now I’ve created an app and included my model, then went to flowable-task app and ran it. I have this:

I would like to know how can I read the output of the process.
Also, I went back to the process editor and modified my process, then I try to run it again but clicking on “show diagram” it showed me the old process. How can I be sure my update will be perceived everywhere? Did I miss a step?


the process instance you are showing is already ended (Ended: a few seconds ago).
Put user task into the flow. and allow assignee to complete the task (assignments in the modeler).

What could also help you is debugger


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