How to simulate processInstance

How to simulate process instance after a process instance start. I need to show the prediction flow.


It really depends on what do you want to simulate.
Following link covers one use case

Could you provide more details?


Hi, Maritin
This is my model picture

Next time, a user submit a bussiness form and start a process instance. I can get all neassary variables from this bussiness form. After this it need simulate a flow and return to web page, the flow like this:

Hi Clinan,

there are several ways how to achieve that:

  1. use flowable-crystalball to execute simulation (in your case just execution one process execution with complete tasks) and from the history fetch the path which it took.
  2. start second (virtual) engine with h2 as a storage. Change process engine configuration to skip user tasks, service tasks (if you use them) and allow history. Deploy your process model. When you start this process instance on virtual process engine, you get your path in the history.
  3. generate an image from the input variables without process model - it seems easier, but you have to maintain logic in two places (image generator and process model).


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