How to set the consumer group for event registry

Hi All,

Can I know what property in flowabl is used to form the consumer group id for Kafka?

I thought the property in should do the trick.

But in docker logs I am seeing this: - = org.flowable.eventregistry.kafka.ChannelKafkaListenerEndpointContainer#channelTimestone

where channelTimestone is the inboud channel key.

Hi @filiphr,

Can you please guide me?

Hey @sukalpo,

By default the group id from the consumer is derived from the key of the channel. However, you can configure this as well via the inbound channel definition. Have a look at KafkaInboundChannelModel for all the inbound channel options.

You can’t configure it via a system property. However, the groupId can be a Spring expression.



Hey @filiphr,
Does it mean we can remove the property in below:

Hey @mykeul,

No you can’t remove it from there. The event-demo-sentiment-analysis-app is not using Flowable. This app is the one that is consuming the events send by the app using Flowable (event-demo-customer-case-app).


I thought it is indeed using Flowable as I see those channel/event files located here:

Sorry my bad, you are right. It does use Flowable. I checked the pom, but didn’t check the event-common-demo module. The consumer group id there shouldn’t be needed anymore, it isn’t used anymore.

Thanks Filip.