Can't catch event from Kafka

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to use the Event Registry to catch at some point of my process a message from Kafka, so i modelled this scenario with a Intermediate Event Registry Catching Event .
In my process definition i have:

and my event definition:
“key”: “deployingEvent”,
“name”: “Intermediate deploying modules event”,
“inboundChannelKeys”: [“kafkaInternalChannel”],
“correlationParameters”: [
“payload”: [
“name”: “idModulo”,
“type”: “string”
“name”: “versioneModulo”,
“type”: “string”
“name”: “idCliente”,
“type”: “string”


channel definition:
“type”: “kafka”,
“channelType”: “inbound”,
“deserializerType”: “json”,
“channelEventKeyDetection”: {
“fixedValue”: “deployingEvent”
“name”: “Channel for intermediate Deploying Event”,
“key”: “kafkaInternalChannel”,
“topics”: [

The error i get is:
[Validation set: ‘flowable-executable-process’ | Problem: ‘flowable-intermediate-catch-event-no-eventdefinition’] : No event definition for intermediate catch event -

Is my configuration right?

PS: I’m using Flowable 6.5.0 + Springboot 2.2.4


What you’re trying to do is only supported on Flowable 6.6.0, where this intermediate catch was added.

hi @joram, thank you for your fast reply. Upgrading Flowables’s version worked, now my application starts.

I’m facing now another issue, it seems like my app can’t recognize the event even though i defined the correlation parameters (which were missing before). The event definition now is:

As you can see i’m interested in a Kafka event with a value in the field idCliente that matches with my process variable idCliente.

This is an example of Kafka message:

Is there any misconfiguration?

thank you,

Hi @joram seems that the event receiver is now working, but it reads all the messages on the topic regardless the correlationParameter. As I said in the previous post, I want to read only the messages with a “clientId” that has the same value as my “clientId” variable in the process.

Would you please help me? I have a deadline soon and I need to solve this problem.

thank you

Correlation parameters are set at runtime. So when the instance of the event is created (called an event subscription internally), the correllation parameters for that instance are calculated and persisted. Can you share how you’re model looks like?

We’re trying to help everybody here. Everyone here (us included ;-)) have deadlines …