How to retrieve User Task "watcher" values from listener?

From “Task listeners” expression (#{mySpringBean.onCreate(task)}) invoked on Event “Create”, I’ve tracked down that “Assignment” properties of “Watcher users” and “Watcher groups” are not associated to the Task until PlatformCreateUserTaskInterceptor afterCreateUserTask method gets invoked, at which point my listener code has already been executed.

Questions – is this expected behavior? If so, what might my options be to retrieve “watcher” values within my class’s “onCreate” method?

I’d also be curious as to why those extension element identity links are created in that after code block.


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And for what it’s worth, the PlatformCreateUserTaskInterceptor is being sourced from flowable-platform-service-3.4.0

It looks like you are using the commercial version of Flowable. While some of the devs for Platform/Work do answer questions here as well, the Enterprise Forum will get you a wider audience. If you don’t have access to the Enterprise Forum, you can contact your sales/support rep.


Thank-you kindly, wwitt! I’ll take a look there. Again, much appreciated.

If you’re working with the trial download version, the Enterprise Forum for that is here. You can post the question there.