How to print sql statements in flowable logs

How to enable debug logs to print SQL statements


You can adapt the and change to DEBUG log level.

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Thanks Tijis, by setting the logger org.flowable to DEBUG I could see sql statements in the logsā€¦

I am completely new to flowable i am just going through the documentation to understand how flowable is working. I wanted to see what SQL statements are going for a corresponding REST API method. During this process i tried a couple of ways

  1. I downloaded the flowable wars and copied them to webapps folder of tomcat and changed to connect MySql database and file (i am new to log4j and java so just changed INFO to DEBUG). Even though everything is working fine like creating task, getting the task list, But i am not able to see any SQl statements in DEBUG logs
  2. I cloned flowable repository and build flowable using ant but still facing the same problem.

Please let me know if there is something wrong in what i am doing. Thanks in advance.