How to print sql log with springboot+flowable application?

How to print sql log with springboot+flowable application ?

Try set logging property:

For more extensive logging you can try set-up p6spy which logs all JDBC transactions for any Java application.

Thanks you.I try to log “org.flowable” and it works.

I’m using slf4j, and I want to print all SQL statements of flowable tables in logs,

    any suggestions?

Creating below bean in spring boot application enabled me to get all the flowable related logs,

    public EngineConfigurationConfigurer<SpringProcessEngineConfiguration> configurer() {
        return engineConfiguration -> {            

@aashi : do note that this is customized logging and won’t be capturing all.

Configuring your logging subsystem (e.g. log4j) to log mybatis statemetns will capture all SQL statements.