How to make a callActivity work

Hello everyone,

I am using Flowable 's trial version and I tried to use the callActivity feature to trigger a process inside of another one (which is the point of the feature I guess). I selected a very simple process I created that was proposed in the dropdown menu, but the process is not working in Flowable Engage and I get this very generic error message “There was an error processing the data. Please try again later.”
The way to use this feature seemed pretty straight-forward and I do not see how I could have dont it wrongly. Has anyone an idea or encountered a similar issue ?

Best regards and thank you a lot in advance

Hi @Link

The question you are asking is about the enterprise products. We try to not talk about it in the OSS Forum. Questions about the enterprise products should be done in the Enterprise Forum .



Sorry for misusing this forum. I will post my question in the appropriate forum.

Thank you