How to get the process level view of any workflow?

I am currently working on a project where I have integrated Flowable, to handle workflow capabilities. I am exploring options to visualize the process flow at a high level like who are all involved in the flow and how many levels of approvers will be there everything. Additionally, I am investigating methods to handle dynamic approver names efficiently. Are there any built-in functions or features within Flowable that allow for the retrieval of approvers’ lists, especially in cases where approvers are dynamically assigned? Furthermore, I am interested in understanding how to capture the end of a workflow process. Your insights and guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated.

Any methods or ways of solving the issues or links related to the documentation of the issue please address.

yes, depends on the model.

I am using BPMN model for workflow and I want to get the process view for that entire model along with the approver’s names (Even if the approver is dynamic). Is it currently possible if yes please link me to some reference or documentation of that. Thankyou in advance. @martin.grofcik

What do you mean by “process view”?

Here lets take a example for the IT Administrator flow which I have created

I have a requirement like the creator of this task should be able to view all the persons involved in the process of approval(Even if the approver is dynamic and I get the approver from an API is it possible to get the approver before starting the task)

I just want to give the user a simple view of who are all the people who will be involved in the task and how many in a view which I term as process level view. The current default API gives me my exact copy of the workflow but I just want to build on top of it with my simple design. @martin.grofcik

Your requirement won’t work for loops.

Extend diagram generator.


Okay please correct me if am wrong here as the process level view which am mentioning here is currently not available in the flowable due to the looping issue? Is there a workaround for this where I can achieve this process level view. Thankyou in advance @martin.grofcik

@martin.grofcik Can you please respond for this one?

no, check 6.8.x UI apps.


Just a clarification you don’t mean this as the process level view diagram right? @martin.grofcik

Based on your description, you would like to add who completed the first_level, second_level tasks.

if yes, extend image generator.


Is there a way to eliminate the current Angular build on the flowable UI and just use the backend and create a new UI with react if yes could you please point to the Backend documentation on how to utilize those API’s. Thankyou in advance. @martin.grofcik

yes, no doc AFAIK.