How to express "=today()" in web modeler app


I have to design mail task by web modeler app, with describing current day in mail text.
If it is very easy to express in excel like input “=today()”, but it is difficult to express in flowable.

Could anyone know how to express “=today()” in flowable using web modeler app ?
Furthermore, related to above, if you know whole available list of common variable or expression using web modeler app, it is happy you to share that.

** environment **
our flowable version is v6 and run flowable by docker container so that it is difficult to configure spring bean code directly.

Hi Jun,

if there is no bean to create an Date/Instant java object, you can use a script task to create date variable.
(In groovy or java script).


Dear martin,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I found that i have wrong idea : it is enabled to use below expressions in flowable community version.
But I understood that these expressions is enabled in flowable enterprise version only.
(When I’ve tried to use these expressions in flowable enterprise version, it was success.)

I appreciate your helpful and precise comments.

Best regards,

Hi jun,

If you want to allow them in OSS, you have to implement them. It is not so complicated. :slight_smile:

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