How to continue a job after some delay and doubt on parallel gateway

We have a microservice that starts a workflow. What if the microservice crashes while the workflow was in process. How can we continue from where it ended when the microservice restarts?


I did some experiments and found out that flowable automatically continue the process when the application boots up. But these experiments resulted in 2 more doubts.

  1. Flowable starts the processes at a very early stage of the application boot. Is there a way to delay it till all Configuration has been applied or some ApplicationEventListener such as ContextRefreshed is fired?

  2. I have a parallel gateway that branches the flow into two sub processes. After the subprocesses I again merge them back. And then it goes to an end event. These subprocesses have an intermediate catch event that listens for a particular BPmnError and when receives sends a mail and then goes to end process. Now my doubt is if one sub process is success and the other throws an error. Will one token be forever waiting at the parallel gateway that is merging back these two processes.