How to connect Form costum Outcomes to gatway expression

I’m newbie in flowable, my problem is how to connect form costum outcomes buttons with a gatway sequences.

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In the default Flowable 6, you can test a form outcome with a variable named using the key you gave for the form. So, if the key for your form is ‘myform’ the variable to test is form_myform_outcome. In a flow condition, you can use something like ${form_myform_outcome == “Approve”}

If you had the following process:

And created a referenced form from the Start event:

With these outcomes:

You can set the flow conditions on the connectors from the gateway to something like:

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Thanks for your help @PHH

This information was very useful. Is it written somewhere in the Flowable documentation?

I started by looking at but found no references to form outcomes. (there ís actually no documentation at all regarding the modeler or task apps on that page)


The UI apps are documented here (in a basic way):

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