How to connect flowable apps to spring boot exposed endpoints?

How to connect flowable UI modeler, App publisher and Apps to spring boot exposed endpoints?

  • I have created a flowable app using the modeler and flowable app and published it

  • I have also created a spring-boot application that exposes some custom endpoints as well as flowable-rest-APIs

  • I have connected the admin app endpoints to point to the spring boot application and it works fine, I can see process definitions and tasks from spring boot app

However, the custom modeler app that I created has a service task that has a delegate, I want it to be delegating it to my spring boot app and not want to move the class to tomcat jar of the flowable ui (not even use flowable ui rest endpoints) completely shift to my springboot service only, can i change the flowable ui modeler, apps etc to point to spring boot apart from admin app?