How to configure virtual domain and idm redirect relative path

Hi all.

i have 3


i would like to redirect idm as

these mean expect redirect http:/domainname/flowable-idm.

so i just set other war(modeler ,task …)’s properties /flowable-idm

expected result are

but not working. redirect loop happend
ca i set relative path to properties?
Is there a better way?

i would like to know best practice of multi domain configuration

Do you mean to say you’d like to load balance authentication requests between 3 sub domains?

thanks for reply

aaa is for customer a
bbb is for customer b
ccc is for internal us

i would like to share app level for three domains. aaa , bbb and ccc.
difference is only client side dns name.
so i woud like to redirect ‘relative’


by default the Flowable UI apps work with cookie based authentication.
The cookies are handed out by the Flowable IDM app. The cookie needs to be ‘in the same domain’. Otherwise the other apps cannot access it after the IDM app creates it.
When you want to use the default cookie based authentication you have to put something like a reverse proxy in front of it that handles the redirects and possible rewrites.



Sounds like you need to look into the multi tenancy aspect of Flowable, otherwise I see no reason why you can’t just proxy all the domains to the same IDM instance.